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Highlight : Approved by FDA, skin irritation Safety Test.

Treating all fat area (hip, thighs, legs).

Suitable for those who do not have time to exercise.

Ideal for whole body, face, tummy, leg and arm. 8 hours long-lasting, giving convenience before sleeping!

South Korean sales of the first widely welcomed by women, both men and women.

Contains caffeine and other ingredients pepper and effectively burn fat.

Wide range of applications, in addition to the arms and legs can also be applied to other places.

Additional infor: 4 weeks of exercises and meal controls will help.


Approved by FDA. Slims belly, burn fat and promotes metabolism. Targets fat and cellulite around the belly. Suitable for those who do not have time to exercise. Ideal for whole body, face, tummy, leg and arm. Lasts for 8 hours. South Korean sales of the first widely welcomed by women, both men and women. Contains caffeine and other ingredients chili pepper that effectively burn fat, thin waist. Unique design, large area, attached to the belly weight loss, while not cover the navel. Wide range of applications, in addition to a pot outside the arms and legs can also be applied to other places.


Korean Lace 2 in 1 Panty Boxer/Shorts and Panty for Women

Made of PREMIUM Quality Material Breathable yet So Comfortable with Slimming effect around the waist plus clean and breathable cotton lining for crotch area

Suitable for Waist : 60cm - 93 cm (23.6 inch - 36 inch)

Material : Polyamide 85% , cotton 5% , Spandex 10% Material : Inner crotch : cotton 95% , Spandex 5%


~ Provides the ultimate in comfort, support & style for every woman

~ Made without underwires or hooks

~ Boasts a seamless design that gives a smooth appearance under clothing ~ 3-in-1 function: a shaper, camisole & Genie Bra

~ The built-in Genie Bra with soft contour cups conforms to your shape

~ The Cami Shaper's wide straps provide added comfort that will not dig in or slip off

~ 360o Slimming Technology helps eliminate layers & smooth rolls & bulges

~ 5 comfortable compression zones target back, bust, stomach, sides and waist and love handles

~ Easy to step in; one piece curve-hugging design

~ Removable modesty pads for extra lift & coverage when you want it

~ Material: 95% Nylon & 5% Spandex


Postpartum Support Recovery Belly/Waist/Pelvis Belt Sharper - 3 in 1

Postpartum recovery abdomen belt / girdles, also known as abdominal binders or bengkung, are recommended to help the recovery of the abdominal muscles and skin after delivery, together with exercise may help a woman's waistline to return to her pre-pregnancy size.

  • Seamless leggings • Built-in invisible high waist shaper
  • Zero-cling • Ultra-soft lightweight construction
  • Built-in invisible shaper
  • Breathable cotton gusset
  • Stretchable- able to stretch up to cover the tummy area.
  • Fabric: 90% nylon & 10% spandex

• Care: machine washes cold on a delicate cycle, do not bleach. Tumble dry low, cool iron if needed


Hydrating and Moisturizing Mask. 


Slimming Features:

1. It's dry,high-permeability, It has no sticky feeling, it applies throughout the year.

2. It has excellent water absorption without hot sense, even if the summer heat and then sweat more easily inhaled can be discharged.

3. It's elongation: 30% -50%; (general body clothing fabrics and only 5% -15%)

4. It's elongation recovery: 100% elongation of 90% after the return;

5. Durability: Unique fabric textile technology to make the life of the body clothing for more than 5 years.

6. Hexagonal networks of elastic fabric, very sophisticated, breathable comfort.


Wouldn’t it be great if one custom-fitting bra could go with everything?

The Custom Genie bra is the ultimate bra that converts to unlimited bra styles.

The secret behind Custom Genie is the 30+ positions along with the top band of the bra that allows for countless ways to wear the straps.



Benefits: Maximize fitness routines

 slim waist tummy and tights

 increase your core body temperature

 improve your overall well-being.

It’s all about being in shape…The more you sweat the fitter you get! Sweat and get in shape.

Washing instructions: - Hand wash

30°c - Do not tumble dry - Do not bleach - Do not iron - Do not wring - Do not dry clean-

Only line dry / hang dry


After wearing this panty, it will shape your body and push up your buttocks.

Then, you look so slim in any type of dressing.

It has 4 bones to avoid roll down once you are sitting and help to flatten your tummy

Materials : 80% nylon; 20% Spandex 2

Colors Option : Black & Nude

Size: S , M/L, XL/XXL, 3XL

Size Suggestion :

S: <50kg

M/L: 50KG-62KG 


3XL: 80-100KG


How they work?

The Neotex®smart fabrics technology in Hot Shapers®increases core temperature during your daily activities, at home, exercise, sports, walk, run, baby walk or any physical activity.

Hot Shapers®clothing can be worn while active regardless of what you are doing.


- Maximizes fitness routines*

- Slim waist tummy and tights*

- Increase your core body temperature

- Improve your overall well-being.


Hot Shapers Neoprene Bra are everyday fitness wear which have been designed with Neoprene smart textile technology helps your body to be slim and smart by increasing core temperature helping your body sweat and sweat more while wearing them during daily activities. How Hot Shapers Neoprene Bra work?

The Neoprene smart textile technology in Hot Shapers Neoprene Bra increases core temperature during your daily routine activities. Hot Shapers Neoprene Bra can be worn while you are active regardless of what you are doing.


Want to look2 sizes slimmer INSTANTLY?

Reduces& shapes your waistline  Helpsdefinecurves Supports your back Helps you feel tone Smoothes rolls and bulges.

Fiber Content Body: 80% Polyester, 10% Polyamide, 10% Elastane - Fiber Content Elastic: 70% Polyester, 30% Elastodiene -

Reduces and Shapes your waistline - Helps define curves - Supports your back - Helps you feel toned - Smoothes rolls and bulges - Double Compression Waist Training Technology


Japan Technology consist of 3 slimming suit (Top, short, pant) contains INFRA RED FIR which effectively burn fat and blood flow is very good for your slimming program and maintain healthy Ingredients made from smooth nylon with infrared technology (fir), which can reduce the levels of fat in the body, lose weight and also keep the body shape, health and fitness wherever you are. Fit as a great body shaper

1. STOMACH shrink

2. BREAST raise

3. Tighten thighs

4. HIPS slimming

5. Improving BLOOD FLOW

6. Preventing back pain

7. Shrink the waist circumference


9. Endorsing BONE EDGES BACK

10. Enforcing BACK stooped